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Mundane…er…Monday. Back to the grind.

We had the weekend off from photos, which felt weird. On Friday night, it felt like we should’ve been charging our batteries to get ready for some kind of a shoot. But instead, I’ve been spending the last week on vacation from the ol’ 9-5 to try and get caught up on some photo and video editing projects while Carolyn worked on her schooling.

It’s been quite the busy summer this year. Carolyn and I have been running all over the state with our cameras. Most of what we’ve been shooting has been events and parties up in the St. Louis area; they love us up there, it’s been great. In fact we’ve discussed some long-needed advancements in our little photo outfit, so we’ve got a plan to help us progress towards some major gear upgrades and additions, offer things we’ve never offered before, such as wedding photo shoots, and finally get this thing in overdrive so we can become even more independent and dedicate our efforts solely to photo and video production if at all possible. We shall see.


Shopping for a Point & Shoot camera?

<<Yep, that’s me, circa 2000.

From time to time, people approach me when they’re in the market for a new camera. Having worked a while in a camera store a decade or so ago, I sort of developed what I feel to be a pretty decent sense of what to look for in a good camera. Although it is a good place to start, I usually don’t look so much at brand names, because I think “picking a team” in as far as brands go is a little short-sighted in this game. Each brand has their list of features, which result in different benefits over other brands on different levels on the one hand. On the other hand, some brands have weaknesses where others may perform at higher capacities. To me, the most important point about a brand is whether or not it’s more of an electronics company, or more of an optics company. Since the glass quality of a lens is one of (if not THE) most important aspects of image quality, I tend to lean more towards the ones that specialize in optics. Aside from the two most obvious, which are Canon and Nikon, this also includes such brands as Pentax, Olympus, and Leica (a division of Panasonic). And really, any camera you pick from these brands is generally going to do as well a job as the others. So, to me, it ultimately comes down these 3 questions:

  1. What will I be shooting the most?
  2. What features will have the most benefits to those kinds of shots?
  3. What weaknesses (if any) = deal breakers?

Of course, for most people, the answer to #1 is typically the everyday things most of us would want photos of, like events, family, kids, pets, etc. Obviously, complicated photographic equipment is not necessary for these kinds of subjects. In fact, the quicker and the simpler it is to use, the better. So, for this post, I’ll be concentrating more on P&S (point & shoot) cameras rather than the more advanced dSLR (digital SLR) cameras.  (more…)

Indiana Co., PA Photog Won’t Photograph Ugly People

I love this.

i won’t photograph ugly people | indiana county, pa photographer | personal | Jen McKen Photography.

KFP….aaaaaand GO!

Hey everyone, and WELCOME! to Kent Frost Photography’s new blog!

I’m hoping to use this blog for not only our benefit, but to the benefit of our clients as well. We’ll post photos and how-to’s, as well as discuss adventures had during photoshoots. It tends to get a little crazy from time to time, considering all the party pix that get taken, so it promises to keep interesting. 😉

Also keep your eyes here for coupon codes for various specials throughout the year for portraits, posters, metal prints, mugs, and much more!

Stay tuned… plans are in motion to keep the content rolling in here!