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Mundane…er…Monday. Back to the grind.

We had the weekend off from photos, which felt weird. On Friday night, it felt like we should’ve been charging our batteries to get ready for some kind of a shoot. But instead, I’ve been spending the last week on vacation from the ol’ 9-5 to try and get caught up on some photo and video editing projects while Carolyn worked on her schooling.

It’s been quite the busy summer this year. Carolyn and I have been running all over the state with our cameras. Most of what we’ve been shooting has been events and parties up in the St. Louis area; they love us up there, it’s been great. In fact we’ve discussed some long-needed advancements in our little photo outfit, so we’ve got a plan to help us progress towards some major gear upgrades and additions, offer things we’ve never offered before, such as wedding photo shoots, and finally get this thing in overdrive so we can become even more independent and dedicate our efforts solely to photo and video production if at all possible. We shall see.


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    September 17, 2011 at 2:18 AM

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